Antonyms for re-arrangement

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This book is a revision and re-arrangement of a portion of those articles.

We are suggesting now a re-arrangement of that method by which we can get, I think, better results, in answer to your remarks.

Already he has been responsible for a re-arrangement of strategy and tactics.

For the re-arrangement, much may be said "for," and more "against."

Mrs. Lawrence drowsed away when the confusion of re-arrangement had subsided.

The re-arrangement which has approved itself to Paley has been here followed.

The 86th have moved from our extreme left—where we are—to our right centre, hence the re-arrangement of Ambulances.

This new proposal necessitated some re-arrangement in respect to the 5th and 6th Brigades.

This coincided fairly well with the re-arrangement of the Roman province of Britain shortly before this time.

This re-arrangement still left Winchester the largest rural diocese in England.