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Kai is rapt, prodding me to take more photos and reporting on the animal’s every move as I make dinner.A FATHER-SON BACKPACKING TRIP IN THE GRAND CANYON IS AN INTRODUCTION TO ADVENTUREJOHN BRILEYAPRIL 9, 2021WASHINGTON POST
He walked on, and thought of the rapt liberty of the soul in the sweet serenities of beautiful solitude.THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER
Lucy clapped her hands with delight, her more staid cousin was rapt in pleased astonishment.THE PIT TOWN CORONET, VOLUME I (OF 3)CHARLES JAMES WILLS
The exercises of the day soon commenced, and the old lady became wholly rapt in her devotional feelings.THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
He stood watching the carriage rapt in meditation, and his face wore a puzzled air.THE PIT TOWN CORONET, VOLUME II (OF 3)CHARLES JAMES WILLS
Here Vincèn narrates a foot-race in which he took part at Nimes, and Mirèio listens in rapt attention.FRDRIC MISTRALCHARLES ALFRED DOWNER
Under the shade of the Bôdhi tree he devotes himself again to religious contemplation, and falls into rapt ecstasies.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME IJOHN LORD
Her feet shuffled unevenly on the floor, and it would have been a joy to shake the in valid there with the rapt look in his face.YOU NEVER KNOW YOUR LUCK, COMPLETEGILBERT PARKER
A feeble impulse of passion spread itself over the Chief's half dead face as he listened with rapt attention to the recital.MENOTAHERNEST G. HENHAM
When Dan found him thus in rapt contemplation Bassett usually turned toward him a little reluctantly and absently.A HOOSIER CHRONICLEMEREDITH NICHOLSON


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