Thesaurus / ramping


Antiquarians hold we are,—and—and we have an old seal, marked with a ramping lion on a shield, and a castle over him.

There he was on his hind legs, ramping against the front of the cage, every hair on him bristling, his tail lashing his flanks.

A Rough ShakingGeorge MacDonald

Afternoons he frequently drove one: a ramping bay mare with a fractious temper and a set of gifted heels.

Local ColorIrvin S. Cobb

Along the ramping wall, Secondinus's miners had reached the sand, and were consequently no longer heard.

Annals of a FortressE. Viollet-le-Duc

Then his gardeners eye was suddenly arrested by a perle des jardins that was ramping beyond all bounds.

The Angel of PainE. F. Benson

She thought the lion of the English nation, which does not know when it is beaten, would be ramping in her brother's breast.

Captain lacked the fire, the ramping keenness of the Ironwoods, the spirit and dash of the Finger Marks.

"By daylight we were ramping up channel with three French men-of-war after us," was Captain Clubbe's comprehensive reply.

The Last HopeHenry Seton Merriman

Would you send him ramping over the country, and never a hold to have on him?

A Rough ShakingGeorge MacDonald

He had come back to help raise the posse which would put the ramping Beast in pound.

The Hills of DesireRichard Aumerle Maher
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