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You want your abs to move if you want them to get more defined, so go for leg raises or X man crunches or alternating jackknifes in addition to heavy lifting and planking.HOW TO GET A SIX-PACK (OR EVEN AN EIGHT-PACK)SARA CHODOSHSEPTEMBER 4, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
More employees were being hired, and coworkers were getting raises and promotions.WHAT I LEARNED FROM 5 YEARS OF CLEANING AIRPLANES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHTMATTHEWHEIMERAUGUST 30, 2020FORTUNE
USPS delays threaten birth control access, Naomi Osaka returns to the court, and working moms are falling behind in raises and promotions.MOMS ARE GETTING FEWER RAISES AND PROMOTIONS THAN DADS WHILE WORKING REMOTELYKRISTENLBELLSTROMAUGUST 28, 2020FORTUNE
Rather, they’re going to analyze how promotions are awarded, to whom they go and why, and develop a road plan to check off the boxes that should get them that pay raise and prestige faster.A FORMER STUDENT OF “GROWTH MINDSET” SCHOLAR CAROL DWECK HAS IDENTIFIED A NEW MINDSET FOR SUCCESSLILA MACLELLANJULY 27, 2020QUARTZ
State investigators said the County Office of Education should have caught some of Sweetwater’s errors, particularly related to the raises.AUDIT FINDS SWEETWATER OFFICIALS DELIBERATELY MANIPULATED FINANCESWILL HUNTSBERRYJUNE 23, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
“The county office failed to identify, effectively evaluate and comment on” the proposed raises, the report notes.AUDIT FINDS SWEETWATER OFFICIALS DELIBERATELY MANIPULATED FINANCESWILL HUNTSBERRYJUNE 23, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
I called out several times, as loud as I could raise my voice, but all to no purpose.GULLIVER'S TRAVELSJONATHAN SWIFT
They determined that an offensive war should be carried on against them, and voted to raise 90 men!THE EVERY DAY BOOK OF HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGYJOEL MUNSELL
The minister's eye kept steady to one point; to raise the country he governed, to the utmost pinnacle of earthly grandeur.THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER
To meet this heavy expense the ministers had to devise all sorts of expedients to raise money.NAPOLEON'S MARSHALSR. P. DUNN-PATTISON


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