Thesaurus / radioed


We went there on radioed orders, the complaint being phoned into headquarters by some old maid whose sleep was disturbed.

This was radioed back to the MT and the translation shot back to a speaker in my jaws.

The RepairmanHarry Harrison

Then he pointed the nose west, and radioed ahead to his destination at Washington, D. C.

"There was a phone call to Swift Enterprises last night," he radioed.

Tom hoisted the craft's aerial and radioed word to his father, who was overjoyed.

While he slept, Krannon must have radioed ahead, because Kerk was waiting when they arrived.

DeathworldHarry Harrison

Perhaps they sighted our task force and radioed word to their base before you put the lot of them out of commission.

Dave Dawson on GuadalcanalRobert Sydney Bowen

Wolf No. 10 never joined any of the other radioed wolves after their release, whereas the others generally remained as a pack.

Then he got a code message by radio, calling him back, and he radioed this Sub Chaser to pick him up.

And so you took the job of factor and radioed for an assistant, and when the assistant came he disappeared.

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