Thesaurus / radiance


Rebecca’s life of worry shows on her face—with cheekbones that accept and reflect light as if it were a gift, she’s never anything less than beautiful, but her radiance glows through a veil of anxiety.CICELY TYSON DIDN'T JUST OPEN DOORS—SHE OPENED WHOLE WORLDSSTEPHANIE ZACHAREKJANUARY 29, 2021TIME
On Saturday, some leaves flamed scarlet in the radiance of the day.A FINE, BRIGHT DAY IN WASHINGTON, BUT THE CURTAIN DESCENDS QUICKLYMARTIN WEILNOVEMBER 29, 2020WASHINGTON POST
They walked together to a recess in the garden, where they sat down under the full radiance of the unclouded moon.THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER
She glanced up at him softly, under long lashes,—a thrilling glance; but he missed its radiance, for his own eyes were far away.ROSEMARY IN SEARCH OF A FATHERC. N. WILLIAMSON
The clear and radiant sky was drowned in a quivering radiance of gold, that was like a thing alive and sensitively palpitating.BELLA DONNAROBERT HICHENS
Ramona herself bore no impress of sorrow; rather her face had now an added radiance.RAMONAHELEN HUNT JACKSON
Every individual freckle on her thin, sharp face seemed to shine as though there was some radiance behind it.THE CAMPFIRE GIRLS OF ROSELAWNMARGARET PENROSE
Slowly this ray paled, and its golden radiance faded to a pale blue light.HONEY-BEEANATOLE FRANCE
And this virtue, O King Loc, which for the mind is what the soft radiance of pearls is for the eyes, is pity.HONEY-BEEANATOLE FRANCE
At the sudden radiance that flooded Meggy's face, Betty turned away abashed.THE OUTDOOR GIRLS IN THE SADDLELAURA LEE HOPE


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