question-and-answer method

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On this page you'll find 13 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to question-and-answer method, such as: argumentation, contention, debate, deduction, discussion, and disputation.

How to use question-and-answer method in a sentence

  • I CAN carry on a conversation alone, but the question-and-answer method is usually preferred.

  • The question-and-answer method is so familiar to every one that it requires no formal definition.

    The Recitation | George Herbert Betts
  • The famous "Socratic method" was simply the question-and-answer method applied by Socrates to teaching new truths.

    The Recitation | George Herbert Betts
  • There is really no hard and fast line between the topical method and the question-and-answer method.

    The Recitation | George Herbert Betts
  • There is really no absolute line of demarkation between the topical and the question-and-answer method.

    How to Teach Religion | George Herbert Betts

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