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On this page you'll find 56 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to quarrelsomeness, such as: belligerence, cantankerousness, combativeness, contentiousness, disputatiousness, and litigiousness.

How to use quarrelsomeness in a sentence

  • As between adults, we find a general quarrelsomeness which makes political reform as impossible to most Englishmen as to hogs.

  • It was not unfitting that so quarrelsome a man as Pope should have been the occasion of so much quarrelsomeness in others.

    Obiter Dicta | Augustine Birrell
  • It begins with the allegory of the two Strifes, who stand for wholesome Emulation and quarrelsomeness respectively.

  • So too, the proverbial quarrelsomeness of tennis-playing women results from the combative habit of mind.

    Feminism and Sex-Extinction | Arabella Kenealy
  • For nothing stimulates the snarling quarrelsomeness of human beings more than the sight of food or the fear of imposition.

    The Pacific Triangle | Sydney Greenbie

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