Thesaurus / quantity


If antibodies alone are important, it’s possible that giving purified monoclonal antibodies, which can be made in large quantities in labs, might be better than harvesting plasma from donors.
“It is still very cheap to do a digital product, so at less than $2 million a year, we can map a full service news company that has two to three times the reporting strength in quantity of a daily newspaper,” said Doctor.
Set a posting schedule and strictly adhere to it but remember it’s always quality over quantity.
The total quantity of genetic material in a genome can be measured by counting the number of DNA base pairs in it.
The quality of your backlinks is just as important as the quantity.
In fact, Google uses the quality and quantity of backlinks to rank websites on SERPs.
Steer clear of quantities when it comes to testimonials and focus on delivering quality and earning genuine, organic testimonials that you can use.
Light would have to pulverize untenably huge quantities of molecules to explain the excesses on its own, Dworkin says.
If the food supply does start to really tighten up — for one of the several reasons we’ve just discussed — and especially if people continue to buy massive quantities of groceries, there is a likely economic consequence.
Big steel tanks that are sort of allowing these cells space in order to divide and grow into large quantities of themselves, while accessing all of the nutrients that we put inside of this nutritional broth.


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