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Like the California fires, which cast an orange hue over the San Francisco Bay Area, the Arctic fires have had a sci-fi quality.
Receiving follow-up questions, Google’s John Mueller then reiterated that point, and Ben Gomes, Google’s VP of search engineering confirmed that quality raters don’t influence any page’s rankings directly.
Ideally, your website looks good and loads quickly, but those qualities alone don’t make a website great.
Jackson said he still gets quarterly reports on the aquifer’s water quality.
CTV retargeting allows you to leverage your first-party data and target site visitors with high-quality ads streamed across television.
Portland and Seattle currently have the worst air quality in the world, thanks to wildfires raging along the length of the West Coast.
I’m a fan of the varied, high-quality classes, many of which are available for a lower price than the expensive bike and treadmill and the subscription they require.
All across the West Coast, and especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, smoke from the fires is making air quality abysmal.
That’s because private industry requires well-defined quality standards and clear financial incentives to speed forward—performance depends critically on the government agencies that often make the rules and set the payments.
There isn’t enough high-quality research to create evidence-based guidelines, especially given women’s highly variable experiences with their period.


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