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Over the next few years, I wore it out at Ocean Beach dozens of times, scoring one memorable tube ride but mostly getting pummeled.THE BEST GEAR OUR EDITORS EVER BOUGHT USEDTHE EDITORSAPRIL 22, 2021OUTSIDE ONLINE
I am afraid if I point it out, then I will get pummeled and will lose everyone anyway.CAROLYN HAX: HER HEART ISN’T HURTFUL, BUT HER VOICE CAN SOUND LIKE IT ISCAROLYN HAXAPRIL 8, 2021WASHINGTON POST
When researchers pummeled diamond with powerful lasers, they not only increased the pressure in the material, but also raised its temperature to thousands of degrees C, Conover says.WE REVISIT LAST YEAR’S COVID-19 QUESTIONS, READERS WEIGH IN ON TUATARAS AND MORESCIENCE NEWS STAFFAPRIL 4, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
Blast waves may have pummeled a 100,000-square-kilometer area of the ice sheet, the team estimates.A METEOR MAY HAVE EXPLODED OVER ANTARCTICA 430,000 YEARS AGOSID PERKINSMARCH 31, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
The flu was thought to be waning by then, but in fact in many places it was still pummeling the population.THIS YEAR'S WORLD SERIES ISN'T THE FIRST PLAYED DURING A PANDEMIC. HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED TO BASEBALL IN 1918MELISSA AUGUSTOCTOBER 23, 2020TIME
So manage the saddle that with one swing it will 'light on the horse's back with the pummel towards the horse's head (Fig. 207).THE BOOK OF CAMP-LORE AND WOODCRAFTDAN BEARD
Chunky bristled, but restrained himself, though he would have liked to fall on Tad Butler and pummel him.THE PONY RIDER BOYS IN NEW ENGLANDFRANK GEE PATCHIN
Never allow the reins to hang loosely on the horses neck, crutch, or pummel of the saddle.GRACEFUL RIDINGS. C. WAITE
I would get another herdsman; but as for my wife, I'd tie her to the pummel of my saddle, and drag her like that to my castle.EYES LIKE THE SEAMR JKAI
Something of this seemed to dawn on Dan Cassell as the boy he sought to pummel dodged his attack with such cleverness.THE GIRL AVIATORS' MOTOR BUTTERFLYMARGARET BURNHAM


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