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The dot is part of Apple’s latest iOS software update, and is part of Apple’s ongoing campaign to provide better privacy services.IPHONE’S NEW ‘ORANGE DOT’ FEATURE WARNS YOU WHEN AN APP IS LISTENINGJEFFSEPTEMBER 17, 2020FORTUNE
During the pandemic, he helped create Operation Masks, a nonprofit that has been providing PPE across the US.WITH GOAT CAPITAL, JUSTIN KAN AND ROBIN CHAN WANT TO KEEP FOUNDING ALONGSIDE THE RIGHT TEAMSERIC ELDONSEPTEMBER 17, 2020TECHCRUNCH
The first wave of palm oil plantations, from the 1970s to the 1990s, provided farmers with seven times the income of subsistence-food croppers in the same regions.THE ENVIRONMENTAL HEADACHE IN YOUR SHAMPOO - ISSUE 90: SOMETHING GREENANASTASIA BENDEBURY & MICHAEL SHILO DELAYSEPTEMBER 16, 2020NAUTILUS
That dividend-plus-repurchases yield provided a solid foundation for future gains, a foundation that’s crumbled since.WILL TECH STOCKS STUMBLE OR SLIDE? WHAT THE FUNDAMENTALS TELL USSHAWN TULLYSEPTEMBER 16, 2020FORTUNE
The Hillman Accelerator, created by Matthews Brackeen with former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones in 2017, invests $100,000 and provides mentorship to female- and minority-owned Midwest startups.CINCINNATI’S SECRET SAUCE TO HELP MINORITY BUSINESSES SUCCEEDNICK FOURIEZOSSEPTEMBER 15, 2020OZY
A new approach that builds microfluidic cooling channels into chips could provide dramatically better cooling using far less water.THIS MICROCHIP HAS ITS OWN BUILT-IN COOLING SYSTEMEDD GENTSEPTEMBER 14, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
New data provided to Fortune by the cryptocurrency research firm Chainalysis finds that Ukraine and Russia rank first and second, respectively, in the adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.EASTERN EUROPE LEADS THE WORLD IN CRYPTOCURRENCY ADOPTION—LEGAL AND OTHERWISEDZANEMORRISSEPTEMBER 14, 2020FORTUNE
USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes, used by the USPS to sort and track mail, provide this tracking capability.VOTING BY MAIL IS MORE SECURE THAN THE PRESIDENT SAYS. HOW TO MAKE IT EVEN SAFERMATTHEWHEIMERSEPTEMBER 13, 2020FORTUNE
However, from the outside former Obama analytics chief Dan Wagner has provided guidance in hiring and through his firm Civis Analytics.SUNDAY MAGAZINE: THE DECIDERSDANIEL MALLOYSEPTEMBER 13, 2020OZY
On this account, great care should be taken to provide well-drained positions.HOW TO KNOW THE FERNSS. LEONARD BASTIN


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