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I realize in the public’s mind … the reaction might be why would you give a vaccination to a prisoner when people outside need them….
She was part of the expert team that presented covid-19 vaccine policy recommendations to the Israeli government, and the group was among those petitioning for prisoners to be vaccinated.
The American Correctional Association recommends each prisoner have 25 square feet of “unencumbered” area to themselves—in most cases, not enough to keep a safe social distance.
Though Weber has largely focused her legislative efforts on education and criminal justice reform, she has targeted a specific issue related to voting rights – and that’s expanding voting rights for the incarcerated and former prisoners.
They raised a total of $32,000 over about three years — a remarkable feat considering prisoners in California earn a base wage of 8 cents an hour for many of their daily jobs, such as mopping the floors.
Villalon, who was arrested in Mission, was transferred to the Hidalgo County Jail, where he said he was placed in a cell with dozens of other people with no hand sanitizer, no masks for him and other prisoners and no social distancing.
In some states, more than half of prisoners have been infected, according to data collected by The Associated Press and The Marshall Project.
It’s almost impossible for prisoners to take precautions free-roaming people can.
Of those that were reviewed, 7% were found partially or wholly in favor of the prisoner.
People “don’t want to take a chance on being a prisoner in a circumstance they can’t control,” Freedman said.


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