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Seven o'clock, and the girls were leaving the primaries in twos and threes, tired but excitedly discussing the situation.

Primaries eleven; fifth secondary wanting; after shaft to contour feathers present.

The fact leads me to suspect that I am wrong, after all in this matter of the primaries.

Each of these is composed of, or can be resolved into, two primaries.

On the under side the wings are bright pale yellow, with the inner margin of the primaries clouded with brown.

The Butterfly BookWilliam Jacob Holland

The laws against bribery at the polls did not touch corruption at the primaries.

The New NationFrederic L. Paxson

Wings long, broad; primaries curved, stiff, the second longest.

The cell of the primaries is closed, of the secondaries open.

The Butterfly BookWilliam Jacob Holland

This arrangement permits, however, an easy exchange of the primaries, which is desirable in these experiments.

Why, the young man would be perfect, did he but attend his primaries and vote more regularly,—and who wants a perfect young man?

Lady BaltimoreOwen Wister

opposites of primaries

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