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Apple has removed the ability of the watch to sense deep presses on the screen, a feature it called 3D Touch on all previous models.
Still, a lightning storm of 11,000 lightning strikes struck the San Francisco Bay Area in mid-august and ignited over 367 new fires, says Cal Fire’s division chief Jeremy Rahn in a press release.
Navigating your phone and typingA long press on any app icon on the home screen on Android or iOS will reveal some useful time-saving shortcuts.
As of press time, here is a guide to some of the LGBTQ programs that are on the calendar.
At a press conference Friday, the Union-Tribune reports, Assemblyman Todd Gloria urged the city to investigate what happened and urged NBC 7 to be transparent about its own efforts to understand how it got duped.
The smoke particles in the air can reach deep into the lungs, causing inflammation and injury to the lining,, USCF medicine professor John Balmes said in a press release.
Yes even good reporters get stories wrong occasionally and we must not believe everything we read in the press.
“Because the compliance has gotten better, we can now take the next step,” Cuomo said at a press briefing in Manhattan.
“This represents a massive breakthrough and makes the quantum internet a much more realistic proposition,” lead author Siddarth Joshi said in a press release.
There are too many accounts that I follow, and the verbiage reads like a press release.


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