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“We need to be able to direct our attention to which patients are most likely to benefit from, in this case, frankly, a relatively precious resource of high titre convalescent plasma,” Musser says.
Though the city’s planning department recently studied how sea level rise will affect its most precious assets, the threat hasn’t featured prominently in public discussion of the redevelopment plan.
Claiming that much of its business is an Israeli state secret, it has offered precious little public detail about its operations, customers, or safeguards.
Research-grade telescopes are a rare and precious commodity, and letting one sit idle for even a handful of nights is a drastic measure.
Lust motivates us to pursue a range of sexual partners—to explore and experiment with possible “mates”—while attraction encourages us to get selective, to conserve precious time and energy by coupling with someone specific.
They use keyword research tools, PPC tools, Google Search Console results, and other methods to find those precious keywords used by customers.
When it comes to how you’re spending your precious marketing dollars during this time, your CPA has to be top of mind.
First, as they are written by the experts in our field such reviews can give us precious insights into the capabilities of our tools.
As the pandemic spread across the US, neuroscience labs shuttered their doors, leaving behind half-finished experiments, aging lab animals, and precious brain specimens that—if unprocessed—could mean losing months of hard work.
The sound pulses are toned down—far lower than any tumor-blasting effects, and generally keep your precious brain cells safe.


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