Antonyms for pre-ordained

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


He is now a total wreck, and has the impudence to say that is was all "pre-ordained."

Of course, like all cases of the kind at that date, the judgment had been pre-ordained before the court sat.

These were the propositions which pre-ordained and explained the subsequent course of the Democratisation of the Army.

Every existence has its allotted span, and to avoid the pre-ordained termination is impossible for any man.

There was nothing—absolutely nothing—to indicate that the depth charge had carried out its pre-ordained mission.

In full sight of whom, the malignant star of the Analytical has pre-ordained that pain and ridicule shall befall him.

I must not even consider an event that had been pre-ordained by the Creator of the world for countless ages.'

It almost seems as if this crowning victory had been pre-ordained to take place in the year 1918.

Had he been Destiny itself, he could scarcely have pre-ordained things more in accordance with his present wishes.

It can't be foreseen unless it's pre-ordained, and in that case we're only puppets imagining that we're free agents.