Antonyms for posterns

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It is flanked by thirty-four bastions, and has seven gates and three posterns.

In 1263 two posterns were made for the service of the palace.

Besides this principal entrance, the enclosure had five other gates or posterns.

It formerly was encompassed by a wall which had four gates and three posterns.

During this we brought in through the posterns all the horses and other cattle we could collect.

At the two posterns, they had failed to make any impression upon the carcasses that blocked their way.

They form as it were posterns or back doors by which, when the insect is perfected, it is easily enabled to make its escape.

These walls were flanked by thirty-four towers, pierced with five gates and two posterns.

Fort Morgan was constructed by him with twelve posterns, a statement significant to military engineers.

Posterns are underground communications made through the body of the place or some of the outworks.