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On this page you'll find 152 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to possessorship, such as: equity, goods, ownership, property, acreage, and acres.

How to use possessorship in a sentence

  • He knew that he was touching a sensitive chord, for Bessy had to the full her sex's pride of possessorship.

    The Fruit of the Tree | Edith Wharton
  • She was glad to find herself alone in the library with Sir Arthur, even though strangely helpless before his joyous possessorship.

    The Confounding of Camelia | Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  • It was she who must assume the air of success, and of rueful yet helpless possessorship.

    Franklin Kane | Anne Douglas Sedgwick
  • He experiences the overwhelming joy of possessorship, for she is his.

    A Little Girl of Long Ago | Amanda Millie Douglas
  • Suddenly, at the sight, a rage of possessorship awoke in her.

    The Reef | Edith Wharton

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