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The poetry he sent to a man by the name of John Langalibalele Dube, who lived about 80 miles away.
As a youth, Quetelet dabbled in writing operas and poetry, but wisely switched to math, before becoming an astronomer and ultimately the most accomplished statistician of his day.
Doing something that’s enjoyable to you and in line with your values is a great way to cope with the holidays, he added, “whether it’s writing poetry, riding a bike, baking bread or volunteering.”
While you can send short stories, comic books or poetry, they must have science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural or alternative history elements.
Whether via Zoom or in person, poetry readings are really for the people who show up, says Burt.
For educated individuals in the late 18th century, a certain image of Greece and Rome was a commonplace of poetry, performance and the built environment.
He often credited an elementary school teacher with encouraging his interest in poetry and writing.
About 1 in 4 read stories or novels at least once or twice a week, with 14 percent saying the same about poetry.
Neither Diaz’s or Shapland’s book – one a searing volume of poetry, the other an arresting memoir – will slip out of your mind.
A great example of flow state is found in many improvised art forms, from music to acting to comedy to poetry, also known as “spontaneous creativity.”


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