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Forget The Foofaraw, But Remember What It Means!



Also she reads a lot of self-help books, and she consults the dictionary and thesaurus for pleasure.
Second, teen brains get more pleasure than adult brains do from rewarding behaviors such as eating junk food.
We’re all seeking pleasure, we’re all seeking to feel good, we’re all looking for relief from the things that are troubling us.
The value of such interests — for others perhaps it is the pleasure of their cooking, reading, getting fit or binge-watching — is only heightened by headlines that make your hair stand on end.
He gets wonderful exercise, he has a purpose every day, and he receives so much pleasure from it.
The times She faked pleasure, because He was Cool and so, He would know — how to pleasure a Woman.
I have delighted in exploring many little vistas, and I’m always surprised when others take pleasure in these marginalia.
It is health, pleasure, an everyday ritual, a state of mind and a way of being.
Here, the team added ChRmine to dopamine neurons in a mouse, which in this case provides a feeling of pleasure.
That doesn’t invalidate my including this album, especially not when I find myself listening to Charly Bliss in the car for pleasure.


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