Synonyms for plasticine

  • Plasticine [tm]
  • Play-Doh [tm]
  • clay
  • sculptor's wax
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


There was plenty of plasticine among Lucy's toys; there was plenty of everything.

They had collected fruits and seed-vessels, had studied animalculæ through the microscope, and modelled fungi in plasticine.

For wrapping we tried bicycle tape, waxed cord and cloth, with wax and plasticine for covering.

Palm trees were easily made—Helen had shown him how to do that—with bits of larch fastened to elder stems with plasticine.

The whole saloon–no; Bicker, the man about town, refused his with a criticism, likening them to plasticine.

They make gorgeous pagodas, and a touch of Plasticine keeps each card where it should be.

If no lathe be handy, glazed vases may be used as substitutes, the waste being added in plasticine to the neck and base.

For curved surfaces, as cylinders, any of these methods can be used; the plasticine is the more successful.

We had a plasticine model of the Mole chiefly constructed from the data obtainable from aerial photographs.

Roll out a long cylinder of plasticine and fit it into the groove on the upper surface of the earthenware base.