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[ plang-king ]SEE DEFINITION OF planking
  • as inplant
  • as input
  • as inset

Synonyms for planking

  • found
  • insert
  • install
  • deposit
  • fix
  • imbed
  • institute
  • lodge
  • park
  • plank
  • plop
  • plunk
  • root
  • settle
  • station
  • plank down

Antonyms for planking

  • depart
  • leave
  • move
  • unsettle
  • disestablish
  • disorder
  • disorganize
  • harvest
  • reap
  • upset
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And he leaned his head in a baffled, tired way against the planking of the mill.

The wan light of early day came through the cracks in the planking.

"The rest of the planking's sure to be gone by this time," continues the cavalier.

These had been thrown into the breach and planking nailed on over them.

Tommy struck three times on the planking of the dock with his open hand.

Blood was everywhere; her planking was so slimy with it that men slipped and fell in it.

Captain Shuffles was planking the quarter-deck with the commodore.

It is sided to receive the fastenings of the fore-hoods or planking of the bow.

His face was lowered close to the planking of their frail refuge.

To it are fastened the ends of the planking and the framework of the stern part of the ship.


late 13c. (c.1200 as a surname), from Old North French planke, variant of Old French planche "plank, slab, little wooden bridge" (12c.), from Late Latin planca "broad slab, board," probably from Latin plancus "flat, flat-footed," from PIE *plak- (1) "to be flat" (see placenta). Technically, timber sawed to measure 2 to 6 inches thick, 9 inches or more wide, and 8 feet or more long. Political sense of "item of a party platform" is U.S. coinage from 1848. To walk the plank, supposedly a pirate punishment, is first attested 1789 and most early references are to slave-traders disposing of excess human cargo in crossing the ocean.