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On this page you'll find 13 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to planers, such as: borer, broaching machine, drill, facing machine, grinder, and lathe.

How to use planers in a sentence

  • Contrary to general beliefs, shapers and planers do not make absolutely accurate surfaces.

  • Carpenters, joiners, sawyers, and planers had each their own separate work and organization.

  • For this reason the moving-bed machines have had to be greatly improved; and in some cases replaced by fixed-bed planers.

    The Romance of Modern Mechanism | Archibald Williams
  • Dr. Taylor has enumerated the qualifications or the duties of a gang boss in charge of lathes or planers.

  • Lathes have given rise to planers, now built of great strength and in highly complicated designs.

    Inventors at Work | George Iles

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