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Pilots are well aware that fierce vortices form at the wingtips of accelerating planes and separate from there.
Wengfeng Lu is arrested before boarding a plane to China, where he planned to start a company copying medical-device technology he stole from two previous employers.
When operating, El Al’s planes have had to run a dogleg route to Mumbai, for example, down the Red Sea and up the Gulf of Aden to avoid Saudi airspace.
After five years cleaning planes at LAX, and never flying on one of them, I’d finally learned what my grandmother meant when she said that your job is temporary, and your education is forever.
One of the biggest impediments to self-flying planes is regulation, so the two founders tried to figure out how they could convince the FAA to approve unmanned flights without having to modify any existing regulations.
A 2003 study of the transmission of the SARS coronavirus on a passenger plane found that a single symptomatic person spread the virus throughout the cabin of the plane, infecting as many as 22 others.
Chief Operating Officer David Seymour said American Airlines needs to spray more than 1,000 aircraft — including some planes that don’t typically stop in the state.
Please don't route via Paris or Amsterdam – changing planes at either triggers quarantine.
The human pilot wore a virtual reality headset that gave him a view of the combat as if he were in the cockpit of a real plane.
In one case, the star of show that involves traveling around the country is uncomfortable traveling by plane, so the producers are having to figure out how to adapt the show so the star can travel by car instead.


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