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These microbes had been living beneath a vast, flat, sediment-covered plain.SOME DEEP-SEAFLOOR MICROBES STILL ALIVE AFTER 100 MILLION YEARS!CAROLYN GRAMLINGSEPTEMBER 1, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
If I’m rolling into a Starbucks, in plain sight of lots of foot traffic, and the rack’s right out front, my odds are decent this is enough deterrent to ward off the baddies.THE MOST SECURE WAYS TO LOCK UP YOUR BIKEBY MICHAEL FRANK/CYCLE VOLTAAUGUST 26, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
One of the main challenges in curing cancer is that unlike foreign invaders, tumor cells are part of the body and so able to hide in plain sight.SCIENTISTS USED PROTEIN SWITCHES TO TURN T-CELLS INTO CANCER-FIGHTING GUIDED MISSILESEDD GENTAUGUST 24, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
In the US, for instance, the Food and Drug Administration approved chloroquine for treating covid-19, only to reverse itself weeks later after it became plain the drug didn’t work.EVERY COUNTRY WANTS A COVID-19 VACCINE. WHO WILL GET IT FIRST?KATIE MCLEANAUGUST 13, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Researchers, led by microbiologist Yuki Morono of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in Kochi, examined sediments collected in 2010 from part of the abyssal plain beneath the South Pacific Gyre.THESE ANCIENT SEAFLOOR MICROBES WOKE UP AFTER OVER 100 MILLION YEARSCAROLYN GRAMLINGJULY 28, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
On the advice of legal counsel, staff printed out revised purchase orders that included sales tax and the left-out orders for retroactive board approval, but the board’s frustrations were made plain to Brady when they learned of the issue.ACCUSATIONS FLEW, THEN NATIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OFFICIAL GOT PAID TO RESIGNASHLY MCGLONEJULY 20, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
It can help you uncover opportunities hiding in plain sight and help you be more effective at your job.GOOGLE ADVANCED SEARCH: SIX POWERFUL TIPS FOR BETTER SEOADITYA SHETHJUNE 30, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
She argued not only that the evidence that human body size is driven by sexual selection is quite flimsy but that a much better explanation has been hiding in plain sight in the medical and anthropological literature.MALES ARE THE TALLER SEX. ESTROGEN, NOT FIGHTS FOR MATES, MAY BE WHY.CHRISTIE WILCOXJUNE 8, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
But what a magnificent plain is this we are entering upon: it is of immense extent.BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, VOLUME 60, NO. 372, OCTOBER 1846VARIOUS
A far-off volley rumbled over the plain, and a few birds stirred uneasily among the trees.THE RED YEARLOUIS TRACY


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