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Oregon wine pioneer David Lett first planted pinot gris in the Willamette Valley in 1970, and today his son Jason continues to produce the standard-bearer for this grape in the Pacific Northwest.
Snapchat helped pioneer the use of lenses on faces in photos and videos to turn ordinary picture messages into fantastical creations where humans can look like, say, cats, and even cats can wear festival-chic flower crowns.
Evenflo’s general counsel could not be reached for comment but has said in the past that the company has been a pioneer in side-impact testing and that its seats are safe, effective and affordable.
You remember, there is a story about solar impulse with Bertrand Piccard, a pioneer who did a world tour with a plane powered by the sun.
That policy gives Nio, which is pioneering battery-swapping services, greater flexibility on how it prices its models.
In 1950, a British computer-science pioneer named Alan Turing introduced the Turing Test.
A choreographed drone swarm, much like the ones pioneered by Intel and used to light up everything from Coachella to the Super Bowl half-time show.
The winery is also pioneering work in organic viticulture in the Finger Lakes.
To get started, we asked cocktail pioneer Nico de Soto of Mace in New York City and Danico in Paris to simplify some creative techniques for holiday infusions.
Early on, VR pioneer Oculus built prototypes with 1080p AMOLED displays from Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones.


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