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In addition, if your website is an information resource, you are trying to capture lots of search phrases and not heavily relying on just a few that might be struck by an algorithm.
Aside from Alexa tech, Buick’s campaign includes a custom Alexa “utterance,” a phrase that lets people ask about the manufacturer’s vehicle from any device.
As far as I understand, recent work on Pirahã shows that you have this ability to stack noun phrases at the start of the sentence to mark them as the topic of the conversation.
For instance, researchers have shown that certain common phrases can activate voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, creating potential privacy problems.
The good news is that you can use plenty of online tools to search for relevant phrases and add them to your content.
Jay Leavitt jokingly refers to himself as a “sort of a disaster case,” a phrase that wildly undersells his productivity.
However, the phrase has never been more relevant during this pandemic.
Guest bloggers use that phrase to find sites to contribute articles.
If you want to start a blog on how to start a blog, for example, chances are you will not get found on Google given that the key phrase is too broad.
Simply enter a keyword, select the region that you’re interested in, and run the tool to get a report with thousands of related terms, phrases and questions.


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