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On this page you'll find 15 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to philanderings, such as: flirtation, toying, banter, beguilement, blandishment, and dalliance.

How to use philanderings in a sentence

  • We do not throw away the grain and keep the chaff, nor do we transmit the "absurdities" and "philanderings" alone.

  • Their mistaken facts and foolish precepts are his, and likewise their imaginative absurdities and sentimental philanderings.

  • Amory could not help thinking that that lack was just a shade more contemptible than his philanderings.

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions
  • Mr. Wilding's philanderings with this lady had never had the old rake's approval.

    Mistress Wilding | Rafael Sabatini
  • I hate your philanderings: they make me ashamed of you and of myself.

    The Philanderer | George Bernard Shaw

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