[ fey-langks, fal-angks ]SEE DEFINITION OF phalanxes

Antonyms for phalanxes

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What that gentleman, and the associations, or some parts of their phalanxes, think proper.

Republican phalanxes, Soldiers of Liberty, only, could have endured all this.

"Phalanxes of Atlans" promises to be an excellent story, also.

There, the phalanxes of Alexander might raise altars to Zeus.

As for "Phalanxes of Atlans," well, I simply can't get interested in it.

The Wisconsin had the advantage of most other Phalanxes in the skill of its spokesman.

The spirits of that earth go about by companies and phalanxes, and when assembled together they form as it were a globe.

The Communities and Phalanxes died almost as soon as they were born, and are now almost forgotten.

Human nature, as we have seen it in the Communities and Phalanxes—discordant, centrifugal—is the same in marriage.

She thinks she has had enough of the grey winter-withered grass, and, lo, the phalanxes of minute green spears charge and rout it.