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It must be recollected that the Peries are of both sexes: we have just spoken of Peri kings, and of the brothers of Merjn.

The Fairy MythologyThomas Keightley

In the preface to his score of "Euridice" Peri has set forth his ideas about recitative.

Some Forerunners of Italian OperaWilliam James Henderson

Your story I did not, could not, know,—I thought only of a Peri.

Bartja had no share in the corruption of that fiend in Peri's form.

So peri along, youngfellermelad, an' I'll come down to meet ye.'

The Record of Nicholas FreydonA. J. (Alec John) Dawson

Caccini's setting of Rinuccini's poem is similar in general style to that of Peri.

How Music DevelopedW. J. Henderson

The existence of polyarthritis, of peri- or endocarditis, of pneumonia or pleurisy, does not contraindicate the cold bathing.

Joe heard her and Peri sing and both were admitted in the choir.

Hence it follows that the very plausible idea of the Peri having been the same with the Feroher cannot be correct.

The Fairy MythologyThomas Keightley

He entered chambers vaster than are told of in Arabian fable, and peopled with habitants more wondrous than Afrite or Peri.

ConingsbyBenjamin Disraeli