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Pilot’s fountain pens are some of the smoothest writing, most dependable brands—and for a good reason.NO-FUSS FOUNTAIN PENS THAT MAKE YOUR NOTE TAKING AND LETTER WRITING MORE ELEGANTPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 15, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The best pens stay fluid after many uses, dry fast, and write smoothly.ADD SOME VERVE TO YOUR LIFE WITH THESE COLORFUL PENSPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMSEPTEMBER 11, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
In March 2007,Oralgaisha Omarshanova, who uses the pen name Oralgaisha Zhabagtaikyzy, wrote about ethnic clashes in rival regions of Almaty, Kazakhstan’s financial capital.THESE 10 JOURNALISTS ARE MISSING, AND COVID IS IMPEDING INVESTIGATIONSLBELANGER225SEPTEMBER 1, 2020FORTUNE
To create the pen, you had several vertical posts, around which you were wrapping a sheet of fabric.CAN YOU COVER THE GLOBE?ZACH WISSNER-GROSSAUGUST 28, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
Pop the S pen when the phone is already unlocked and you get a choice of eight apps including simple ones like notes and more complex ones like augmented-reality doodling on live videos.SAMSUNG NOTE20 ULTRA REVIEW: WHY THIS BIG PHONE WORKS FOR THE COVID ERAAARON PRESSMANAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
Because a sea pen is actually a colonial organism — an aggregate of individual, tentacled polyps — that’s what scientists thought rangeomorphs were, too.WHAT IS AN INDIVIDUAL? BIOLOGY SEEKS CLUES IN INFORMATION THEORY.JORDANA CEPELEWICZJULY 16, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Squinty, several times, looked at the hole under the pen, by which he had once gotten out.SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIGRICHARD BARNUM
Several times after this the boy and his sisters came to look down into the pig pen.SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIGRICHARD BARNUM
She also practises etching, pen-and-ink drawing, as well as crayon and water-color sketching.WOMEN IN THE FINE ARTS, FROM THE SEVENTH CENTURY B.C. TO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY A.D.CLARA ERSKINE CLEMENT
And right after that, some nice sour milk would come splashing down into the trough of the pen.SQUINTY THE COMICAL PIGRICHARD BARNUM


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