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She recalled that when she became pregnant with her first child, in 1955, she refused to accept “folklore” about pain as a rite of passage.
When Google first announced passage ranking, the company called it passage indexing.
Some scenes are connected by a rippling piano riff that suggests the passage of time, though we’re never quite sure if days, weeks or months have gone by.
Time marches on for all of us, and even if we refuse to acknowledge what we see in our own mirrors, we rarely hesitate to mark its passage in the faces of our actors.
When an odor—say, vanillin, the dominant chemical in vanilla—drifts into the nasal passage, it grasps onto its preferred receptor.
Many founders fall into the trap of believing that fundraising is a rite of passage in the startup world.
A lonely wooden trailhead sign with yellow letters is the only indicator that there is a secret passage through the frozen forest.
Equality Virginia and the Virginia Values Coalition were among many organizations working together to ensure passage of this historic measure during the legislature’s previous session.
A San Diego grocery store is laying off its delivery drivers and replacing them with gig workers after the passage of Proposition 22.
That doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate — the building’s labyrinth of tunnels and side passages can trip up even the most veteran visitor — but it does mean there was no easy way to stop the jacked-up throng once it got through.


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