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He said this was true despite AstraZeneca’s producing hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine in parallel with the ongoing late-stage clinical trials.
AstraZeneca, the firm partnering Oxford to develop the vaccine, is overseeing a scaling up of manufacturing in parallel with clinical testing so that hundreds of millions of doses can be available if the vaccine is shown to be safe and effective.
Running parallel to this state spending spree is a full-bodied embrace of digital finance by citizens.
Nord Stream 2, running mostly in parallel to the existing Nord Stream system, would double its annual capacity to 110 billion cubic meters.
She shows the parallels between the challenges each encountered, and the similar character traits and values it took each President to overcome them.
If you had two parallel interstate highways and neither of them were congested, it would be a stupid financial decision.
Instead of gluing on an 11th net, we could simply glue the edge of the 10th net to the corresponding parallel edge in the original net.
Among the major powers it shows strong parallels with current practices in Russia and China.
In a parallel move, Andy Jassy was named chief executive of the Amazon Web Services cloud computing division, a structure that made both men natural candidates to succeed Bezos were he to step down.
As one walks into The Bookshop, a quaint, well, bookshop in the tony neighbourhood of Delhi’s Jor Bagh, the parallels between the popular Hollywood rom-com become more obvious.


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