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Results of the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening, known as PALS, showed that the percentage of kindergartners, first-graders and second-graders meeting literacy benchmarks dropped slightly, by single-digits, for every age group.
Know your goalEvery communication or message, from talking to your pal on the phone to addressing the nation on national television, has an objective.
You can let the person stay relatively dark— but allow the clouds to shine—or you can properly expose your pal, and have the sky get blown out and lose most of its color and detail.
So she started an Instagram account, offering to connect potential pen pals.
Perhaps best of all, this scooter comes with a carrying strap so you can stay handsfree, or carry coffee for you and a pal without leaving your new favorite mode of transportation behind.
With horror she had heard her brother addressed by a disreputable costermonger in a mangy fur cap, as "Old pal."
But she was an exquisitely pretty and engaging little thing, a grand little pal, and worth cultivating.
If I felt that I could leave her in your charge, all on the square, as a real straight pal—I should go away happy.
They must have found out their pal here was going to sing and figured he probably told us too much already.
When Phil's pal left us he went wandering down the hillside, talking to himself.


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