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The ink flows at whatever pace you’re willing to try writing, and the slip-free grip prevents any unexpected errors or smears.
Those consumer numbers have been key for economists to gauge the pace and success of the recovery thus far.
Cash will be around for a long time, he says, but the economy is digitizing at a breakneck pace.
The iOS app features individual workouts, challenges, and multi-week training programs for all fitness levels, so you can train at your own pace whenever you want.
The seven-year veteran also ranks in the top 15 in pace among remaining players in the playoffs, coming in second behind Russell Westbrook among players averaging 15 or more minutes per game with a usage rate of 25 percent or higher.
Still, the pace at which buildings of all sizes are being either built or converted into e-commerce fulfillment centers — and closer to city centers — has become a bit breathtaking.
This field is obviously moving very rapidly, with a high pace of technological advance.
This allowed them to assess their starting pace relative to their actual fitness instead of relative to their eventual finish time.
The heady pace of wealth accumulation in recent months is in stark contrast to the state of the global economy.
He believes that people should connect directly to computers in order to keep pace with artificial intelligence.


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