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Allergic reactions to the coronavirus vaccine are rare and far outweighed by the benefits.
I don’t think taking another gap year would outweigh future earnings for me, but I know people had to make that tough decision.
The value of the early implant will be enormous and outweigh the risks, is his take.
The senior knew he may never play for his new team, but the chance to prove himself on a big stage outweighed the uncertainty.
In the long run, I believe the benefits will far outweigh the costs, especially if we care about helping people who have been struggling for a very long time.
On balance, regardless of your approach, the limitations of offsite tracking are outweighed by the sizable benefits.
Now, though, she sees the vaccine as a positive step and in general counsels them that the benefits outweigh any risk.
“The truth of the matter is the importance and significance of this game far outweighs anything personal as far as I’m concerned,” he said.
The FDA statement came after the agency’s vaccine advisory panel voted almost unanimously — 20 in favor, with one abstention — that the benefits of the highly effective vaccine outweighed its risks for people 18 years of age and older.
That document was the background for a meeting of the FDA's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, which would consider whether the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its potential risks.


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