Thesaurus / organism


Many speakers railed against uncertainties in releasing genetically engineered organisms.
To understand sex completely, we need an explanation that goes back to the primordial soup of very early complex organisms and the immediate survival pressures they were under.
Cogdell wasn’t fully convinced at first that this approach would hold up for other photosynthetic organisms, such as the purple bacteria and green sulfur bacteria that live underwater and are named for the colors their pigments reflect.
Metabolisms are so low that these organisms can survive by consuming this ancient food matter.
“You can literally interpret the body of an organism as a guess about the structure of the environment,” Ramstead said.
Biologists started to collect all specimens in a group of organisms, not just the most beautiful butterflies or birds, and discovered the general theory of evolution.
The environment is not just the physical surroundings of an organism, but also the other biological species with which it interacts.
With additional sand, the mix had enough organisms to build two new concrete blocks.
All are organisms that can be easy for people to miss without some help.
This gene-editing tool lets scientists tweak an organism’s DNA.


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