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A statewide reporting project that included VOSD and dozens of other newsrooms last year found that California was only one of five states that doesn’t automatically decertify police officers for certain offenses and misconduct.
This season’s Mavericks had the most efficient offense in NBA history, and five of the 16 playoff teams are scoring more efficiently in the postseason than the Mavs did during the year.
The police report lists the offense allegedly committed by the two suspects as a misdemeanor “Threats to Do Bodily Harm.”
Since June, more than 75 percent of prosecutions involved drug importation offenses.
“I think it is a pretty reckless thing for him to do because Kristin will be back and other board members will see it and take offense,” Roe said.
That means the offense goes to an administrative official, not a judge, and the public defender’s office and the city attorney’s office aren’t involved.
Slightly more than half of the 11 cases were accompanied by another infraction, for minor offenses like spitting on public transportation, loitering or using a bicycle in a bus lane.
Though those shifts explain each other to some extent — as teams are more spread out on offense, they’re less likely to be in a position to crash the glass — they haven’t led to a revolution in the Tar Heel offense.
This created opportunities for the offense to capitalize on mismatches by forcing bigger and slower defenders to cover the tight ends.
The Sun are also huge, with eight players standing at least 6 feet tall, which can create mismatches on offense and be disruptive on defense.


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