Thesaurus / oared


I have sent men to look for it in two different directions, with the oared boats of these natives.

And yet no one oared for him, while of course the out-and-out champions of the rival side hated him.

It begins with those lines, 'And the dead, oared by the dumb, went upward with the flood.

The Little Colonel: Maid of HonorAnnie Fellows Johnston

Pushing one open, Ralph saw a four oared boat pulling rapidly for the schooner.

Ralph Granger's FortunesWilliam Perry Brown

The boat you must bring to the landing is the twenty-six oared barge, which Malcolm MacLeod builded so well.

The master-of-camp remained with the oared praus in order to win over all the towns which were desirous of peace.

Many boats plied to and fro, oared by jolly young watermen who dreamt not of railways and steam-launches.

DustJulian Hawthorne

Cardinal Wolsey's oared galley pushed off from the Tower Bridge, below the iron gateway.

Historical MiniaturesAugust Strindberg

Accordingly, I came in an oared vessel to take possession of this government, on the second of the present month.

The master-of-camp arrived with his ship, ahead of the oared praus.

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