Antonyms for oared

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The master-of-camp arrived with his ship, ahead of the oared praus.

Many boats plied to and fro, oared by jolly young watermen who dreamt not of railways and steam-launches.

The boat you must bring to the landing is the twenty-six oared barge, which Malcolm MacLeod builded so well.

And yet no one oared for him, while of course the out-and-out champions of the rival side hated him.

The life–boats are of different sizes—six, eight, ten and twelve–oared.

Pushing one open, Ralph saw a four oared boat pulling rapidly for the schooner.

However, we propose to have the race, and give a purse of twenty–five dollars to the successful boat in a six–oared race.

It used to be thought that such animals as this belonged to a different species, to which the name of oared shrew was given.

The oared vessels came to shore, to see what these towns contained; but, finding no people, they sailed on.

The master-of-camp remained with the oared praus in order to win over all the towns which were desirous of peace.