[ non-kuh m-bat-nt, non-kom-buh-tnt ]SEE DEFINITION OF noncombatants

Synonyms for noncombatants

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


The Belgian troops in the city, and many of the noncombatants escaped.

As for the crew,—they were noncombatants and not employed to serve any country in any way.

They are militant citizens now, with the rank of noncombatants.

We're not fighters, you know, but noncombatants, bent on an errand of mercy.

They go to a broad, convenient meadow across the Claire, where the noncombatants can watch from a safe distance.

Other crimes on noncombatants at Alost belong to the end of the month of September.

With the aid of the motor transport service, hundreds of noncombatants were removed to places of safety.

They shot the Bishop of Ferns, and many other noncombatants, including women and children.

All the remaining cargo packages were piled against the wheels, and the noncombatants sheltered in that way.

We just want you to leave enough men behind to defend the women and children and noncombatants who stay here.