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[ nes-uh-ser-ee ]SEE DEFINITION OF necessaries
  • as inmust
  • as innecessity

Synonyms for necessaries

  • precondition
  • prerequisite
  • requisite
  • charge
  • commitment
  • committal
  • condition
  • devoir
  • duty
  • fundamental
  • imperative
  • necessary
  • need
  • obligation
  • requirement
  • right
  • ought
  • sine qua non
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Our country abounds in the necessaries, the arts, and the comforts of life.

Who fetches you your silks, and your linens, and your wines, and all the other necessaries of life?

The produce of the farm is amply sufficient to provide them with all necessaries.

He left me only to go in quest of the necessaries for our journey.

Victuals and other necessaries of life had long since been running low.

And how long do you expect your body to be equal to providing the necessaries of life for hire?

It must have been sheer withholding the necessaries of life.

Powder and other necessaries he obtained from frontier trading-stations.

The worst is, they are most of them not necessaries but luxuries.

And thus much of the Husbandmans house, and the necessaries there to belonging.


late 14c. "needed, required, essential, indispensable," from Old French necessaire "necessary, urgent, compelling" (13c.), and directly from Latin necessarius "unavoidable, indispensable, necessary," from necesse "unavoidable, indispensable," originally "no backing away," from ne- "not" + cedere "to withdraw, go away, yield" (see cede). The root sense is of that from which there is no evasion, that which is inevitable. Necessary house "privy" is from c.1600. Necessary evil is from 1540s (the original reference was to "woman").