Thesaurus / narwhals
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


As soon as November comes, the men begin to look for narwhals.

These are really huge porpoises, allied to the narwhals, but without the narwhal's exaggerated tusk.

Pioneers in CanadaSir Harry Johnston

Underneath us the narwhals were passing almost within pole-reach.

It was always a journey for food—birds and bears, deer and seals, walruses and narwhals, as time and good-fortune dictated.

Narwhals make annual migrations in response to the movement of the ice.

I never saw a more graceful, striking, and beautiful exhibition than the unrestrained play of these narwhals.

Yesterday we were all out; I saw only one seal, but was refreshed by the sight of a dozen narwhals.

In the Arctic SeasFrancis Leopold McClintock

Our success was not too soon, for now the narwhals suddenly disappeared, and we saw no more of them.

My Attainment of the PoleFrederick A. Cook

Seals are often shot, bear tracks are common, and narwhals are frequently seen migrating northward.

In the Arctic SeasFrancis Leopold McClintock

The surprise which the Seventeenth brought us was nothing less than that we found the lanes about here full of narwhals.

Farthest NorthFridtjof Nansen