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Yet even as airports have taken aggressive steps to keep travelers safe, they are battling a virus that continues to mutate in ways that make it more contagious and possibly more deadly, researchers said.
As viruses move from person to person, they mutate at a predictable pace, and over a chain of transmissions, those mutations accumulate.
Numbers one and two detected against the SARS-CoV-2 and number three detected any coronavirus, in case it mutated.
Perhaps there hasn’t been enough time, and the coronavirus moves quickly and is now mutating, so its metaphors may change, too.
Research suggests currently authorized vaccines will work against them, but there is always the frightening possibility that the virus will mutate enough that that’s no longer true.
“It’s really a wake-up call for us to be nimble and to be able to adjust as this virus will continue for certain to evolve and mutate,” Fauci said.
More infections mean more chances for the virus to mutate even more and dodge our defenses.
The Moderna and Pfizer studies were done at a time when the virus hadn’t mutated that much.
The mutated form of the virus emerged across the pond in mid-December, and has already been found in 24 US states, totaling 293 cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
For example, the virus may mutate in a way that changes the makeup of its spike proteins—the part of the virus where the immune system’s antibodies attempt to stick to in order to neutralize the virus.


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