[ muhsh-room, -roo m ]SEE DEFINITION OF mushroom


Love that grows like a mushroom lasts about as long—only I don't call it love!

Essence of anchovy is made sometimes with sherry, or madeira, instead of water, or with the addition of mushroom ketchup.

The spores are the seeds or reproductive bodies of the mushroom.

This mushroom is especially free from grubs and it can be dried for winter use.

Thicken the sauce with butter rolled in flour, season it with pepper and salt, essence of anchovy, and mushroom ketchup.

This plant has the most beautiful yellow I have ever seen in a mushroom.

I find that more people know the Morels than any other mushroom.

Mitremyces is made up of two words: mitre, a cap; myces, a mushroom.

It should be carefully watched with the aid of a special or mushroom thermometer.

Ah,” said the Mushroom, “you see we have met after all, and so closely.


mid-15c., muscheron, musseroun (attested 1327 as a surname, John Mussheron), from Anglo-French musherun, Old French meisseron (11c., Modern French mousseron), perhaps from Late Latin mussirionem (nominative mussirio), though this might as well be borrowed from French. Barnhart says "of uncertain origin." Klein calls it "a word of pre-Latin origin, used in the North of France;" OED says it usually is held to be a derivative of French mousse "moss" (from Germanic), and Weekley agrees, saying it is properly "applied to variety which grows in moss," but Klein says they have "nothing in common." For the final -m Weekley refers to grogram, vellum, venom. Modern spelling is from 1560s.

Used figuratively for something or someone that makes a sudden appearance in full form from 1590s. In reference to the shape of clouds after explosions, etc., it is attested from 1916, though the actual phrase mushroom cloud does not appear until 1955.


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