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Wherever feasible, I have preferred to let Tchaikovsky himself tell the story of his life.THE LIFE & LETTERS OF PETER ILICH TCHAIKOVSKYMODESTE TCHAIKOVSKY
The several plans I revolve in my mind do not prove, upon closer examination, feasible.PRISON MEMOIRS OF AN ANARCHISTALEXANDER BERKMAN
The plan was very feasible, and the advice was good, as it placed the issue beyond a doubt: I inclined to it myself.CONFESSIONS OF A THUGPHILIP MEADOWS TAYLOR
In the morn, when it was light saw men that ice had formed round the ships so thick that it was feasible to walk round about them.THE SAGAS OF OLAF TRYGGVASON AND OF HARALD THE TYRANT (HARALD HAARDRAADE)SNORRI STURLUSON
He had been down into the bottom-most pit of hell, and the sights that he had seen there had withered him up.LOVE'S PILGRIMAGEUPTON SINCLAIR
It is indispensable to check these against biological fact, in order to ascertain which are feasible and which are not.TABOO AND GENETICSMELVIN MOSES KNIGHT, IVA LOWTHER PETERS, AND PHYLLIS MARY BLANCHARD
Mr. Kent has suggested a possible way of doing so, which I consider highly feasible.THE SARGASSO OF SPACEEDMOND HAMILTON
The next conversazione, for which cards were issued by Doctor Feasible, was on a superior scale.NEWTON FORSTERCAPTAIN FREDERICK MARRYAT
However, whether Newton was satisfied or not, this conversazione was a finisher to Dr Feasible, who resigned the contest.NEWTON FORSTERCAPTAIN FREDERICK MARRYAT
A good-natured friend called upon Doctor and Mrs Feasible with the news.NEWTON FORSTERCAPTAIN FREDERICK MARRYAT


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