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On this page you'll find 253 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to more staying, such as: continuing, departed, extra, forsaken, leftover, and marooned.

How to use more staying in a sentence

  • "But you must concoct something with more staying power," he went on.

    The Opened Shutters | Clara Louise Burnham
  • There would be no more staying him than the flight of the wild goose to the reedy nesting grounds could be stayed.

    North of Fifty-Three | Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • Grace, a forger, was actually a better pitcher, but the woman who had killed her husband had infinitely more staying power.

    Manslaughter | Alice Duer Miller
  • Like most West-country people, she has more staying power than visible energy.

    A Poor Man's House | Stephen Sydney Reynolds
  • What time the whole selvage of England becomes watering-place, there will be no more staying by the seaside at all in the land.

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