Thesaurus / mopping up


Have either of you any orders for me concerning the mopping up?

Man of Many MindsE. Everett Evans

The cold tea was in whiskey bottles, so Bertie did not know it was cold tea they were mopping up.

South Sea TalesJack London

On arrival there, the "mopping up" party is found still at work, but it soon completes its grim task.

Mopping up of the rest of the town was an easy task by comparison with what had gone before.

I robbed them of their whiteness that night by mopping up a lot of mud with them behind the gymnasium.

Football DaysWilliam H. Edwards

Meanwhile, the mopping up and demolition continued behind the attack.

From the 10th to the 19th of May was spent in marching through the Philippolis district, mopping up Boers, horses, and stock.

They would have a good start on Candar while he was engaged in mopping up the Darzent fleet.

Noah kneeling on the floor, mopping up the ink, reached toward the desk, and then paused.

"Then we'd better be shackin' erlong," said Mormon, mopping up gravy with half a biscuit.

Rimrock TrailJ. Allan Dunn

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