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Far more momentous is the changing of the guard in the semiconductor industry.MOVE OVER, INTEL. NVIDIA’S THE BEST CHIPMAKER NOWADAM LASHINSKYSEPTEMBER 14, 2020FORTUNE
NBA All-Stars also staged a strike before tipoff in 1964, fighting for better working conditions for all players — a momentous event in the history of the sports labor movement.WHY A STRIKE FOR RACIAL JUSTICE STARTED WITH THE MILWAUKEE BUCKS AND THE NBANEIL PAINE (NEIL.PAINE@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)AUGUST 27, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
It might seem surprising to political junkies that something as momentous as the presidential election would have a much smaller predicted effect on the economy than schools reopening or Congress passing additional stimulus.EVEN WITH A VACCINE, THE ECONOMY COULD TAKE MANY MONTHS TO RETURN TO NORMALAMELIA THOMSON-DEVEAUXAUGUST 25, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
While we celebrate the momentous occasion of women being granted the right to vote, we must also reflect on the work needed to ensure gender and racial equality.MELINDA GATES, AI-JEN POO, AND 9 MORE WOMEN ON WHAT THE 19TH AMENDMENT’S 100TH ANNIVERSARY MEANS TO THEMEHINCHLIFFEAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
This momentous rise of commercialism was accompanied by large scale import of slaves from far and wide lands.OSTIA ANTICA: RECONSTRUCTION AND HISTORY OF THE HARBOR CITY OF ANCIENT ROMEDATTATREYA MANDALAPRIL 14, 2020REALM OF HISTORY
Later that year, at the momentous Council of Clermont, the Pope officially made the call for a Crusade to take over the Holy Land.HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES: ORIGINS, POLITICS, AND CRUSADERSDATTATREYA MANDALMARCH 23, 2020REALM OF HISTORY
These are few and verbal, but momentous, and were not made without consultation of many critical authorities and versions.SOLOMON AND SOLOMONIC LITERATUREMONCURE DANIEL CONWAY
Not one word did Mrs. Dodd utter for many days to her husband of her momentous conversation with the squire.THE PIT TOWN CORONET, VOLUME I (OF 3)CHARLES JAMES WILLS
Congress met, and during the debate on the momentous question—peace or war—the hitherto compact group of intransigents weakened.THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDSJOHN FOREMAN
The king, however, soon forgot the neglect of etiquette in the momentous questions which were pressing upon his attention.MADAME ROLAND, MAKERS OF HISTORYJOHN S. C. ABBOTT


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