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“Until now, content moderation was basically done by the last person at Facebook or Twitter as we have seen — either Mark Zuckerberg or the other platform directors,” Thorning-Schmidt said.FACEBOOK OVERSIGHT BOARD SAYS OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS ‘WELCOME TO JOIN’ IF PROJECT SUCCEEDSTAYLOR HATMAKERFEBRUARY 11, 2021TECHCRUNCH
Half of Washington thinks that there should be more moderation and that the platforms should be more restrictive.TWENTY-SIX WORDS CREATED THE INTERNET. WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO SAVE IT?STEPHEN ENGELBERGFEBRUARY 9, 2021PROPUBLICA
As more people began discussing Covid-19 on Nextdoor, the company — similar to platforms like Facebook and Twitter — expanded its moderation policies surrounding the pandemic.HOW THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC BROKE NEXTDOORREBECCA HEILWEILFEBRUARY 9, 2021VOX
In the past few years, the “mindful drinking” movement has evolved to embrace nuanced, positive frameworks for approaching sobriety or moderation.KEEP DRY JANUARY GOING ALL YEAR WITH THESE CUTTING-EDGE NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILSBY DAN Q. DAO/SAVEURFEBRUARY 2, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
Unlike in the United States, Twitter has historically miserably failed to perform the tiniest level of content moderation in India.TWITTER RESTRICTS NUMEROUS HIGH-PROFILE ACCOUNTS IN INDIA FOLLOWING ‘LEGAL DEMAND’MANISH SINGHFEBRUARY 1, 2021TECHCRUNCH
Platforms trying to stop the spread of fake newsThis is a huge, historic and tragic missed opportunity for these social media companies over the last 10 years to have had moderation policies.THE NEW YORK TIMES’ BEN SMITH SAW THE ALT-RIGHT’S RISE AND SEES A NEW ERA FOR SOCIAL PLATFORMSTIM PETERSONJANUARY 26, 2021DIGIDAY
Content moderation in audio is far more difficult than it is in text.THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS MIGHT BE AUDIOTANYA BASUJANUARY 25, 2021MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
There’s reason to believe that Telegram does not treat content moderation as seriously as other platforms.WHY RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS’ FAVORITE NEW PLATFORM IS SO DANGEROUSRANI MOLLAJANUARY 20, 2021VOX
If you think back just a couple of years ago, the idea that social media companies would do any kind of content moderation was largely unheard of.‘DISINFORMATION CAN BE A VERY LUCRATIVE BUSINESS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE GOOD AT IT,’ MEDIA SCHOLAR SAYSJOE HEIMJANUARY 19, 2021WASHINGTON POST
While also populated entirely with content from users, Wikipedia has a number of things on its side when it comes to moderation.ON ITS 20TH BIRTHDAY, WIKIPEDIA MIGHT BE SAFEST PLACE ONLINEHEATHER KELLYJANUARY 15, 2021WASHINGTON POST


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